FNAL Car Reservations

We have two cars we can use at FNAL:

1. Silver Chevrolet Malibu, license plate G12-2590A, CDF car

When using the cars, please

-- Take care of problems if they occur or tell the next person if you cannot take care of them. Info on where to go for car fixing are in the glove compartment.

-- Do not leave the car without gas, so that the next person does not get stuck on arrival. Receipts for gasoline expenses should be given to Anytra for reimbursement.

-- Sign up as soon as you know you are traveling. However, if someone stays at FNAL longer than you, he/she can have the priority if that means less overall expense to the group.

-- Before you leave a car at the airport send an e-mail to the next person who signed up to let him/her know which car you will be leaving at the airport and when you can give him/her the receipt.

The form below allows you to reserve a car up to 90 days in advance or to cancel an existing reservation:
Start Date (mm/dd/yy): 
  End Date (mm/dd/yy): 
  Please select a car: 
What would you like to do? 

When you stop using a car, please enter its location below:
 Please select a car: 
     Date (mm/dd/yy): 

If you encounter a problem using this page please e-mail wmyao@lbl.gov