LBL Fingers Folow this link for some pictures of fingers.

The "Finger" is a very small (11mm x 1mm) thick filme hybrid that fits between SVX3 chips on the SVXII hybrids. It contains 3 printed resistors, 1 printed capacitor (14nF bypassing AVDD2 to AG), and it busses all power to the side of each chip. The finger is wirebonded to both the hybrid and the chip. The resistors are 14K for FE-ISET, 5K for BE-IQUIESCENT and 7K for BE-VTH.

The full quantity of production fingers has been fabriacted by Promex and was delivered to LBL in 12/98. Fingers were fabricated in plates with 160 parts each. The plates are probed on an automatic probe station to select good parts. Probing is in progress as of 2/99. The yield is about 80%.

Due to the greater than expected number of "spare" hybrids that are being assembled a supplemental run of 25 plates was fabricated at Promex and delivered on 3/14/00. Fingers from this run will be used on hybrids assembled after 3/24/00.